Pond & Lake

Oxygen & Mixing

Shrimp Hatchery:

   EZ Artemia
  EZ Larva
  Larva Z Plus
  Larval Shrimp Flakes

   PL Raceway Plus


  Feeding Program:

   100% Artemia replacement

   50% Artemia replacement

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Shrimp Broodstock Maturation:

   EZ Mate

   Shrimp Broodstock 40-9

   Redi-Mate (NEW) - soft moist pellet 


Pond Probiotics:

Proven Probiotics improved water quality beneficial to health and growth of shrimp and fish. Our probiotics creates a natural, beneficial Bio-Floc, while reducing ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Control vibrio in ponds and reduce sludge waste.

   ShrimpShield - for water quality & vibrio control

   FeedTreat - disease prevention & recovery

   D3 Diatom Promoter - creates microorganisms

   KI Nitrifier - Bio filteration activator

   Hatchery Prime - stress reduction for post-larvae (PL)

Pond & Lake Management:

   Solar aerations
Electric aerations


The patented Solaer(TM) Aeration Systems feature backup battery for critical night time run. In fact, there is enough battery capacity to run the system up to three days without any solar input.


Beneficial Microbes:

Proven beneficial microbe products for improved water quality in your pond and lake. especially effective in reducing excessive nutrients and foul odors


   Aqua-Tron - Water Clarifier (eco flocculants)

   Waste & Sludge Reducer - Reduce Bottom Sludge

   WSR-Smart Pellets - Target Sludge

   Alpine Blue - Blue Aquatic Dye









Maintain healthier ponds, increase stocking densities, and generate higher yield with optimal oxygen transfer

   Aire-O2 aspirator aerator

With increased mixing and dispersion through fine bubble aeration, our Aire-O2 Series II Aspirator Aerator can help you maintain optimal oxygen transfer levels while maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the entire system to meet higher production goals.


Lab Research

Aquatic Diets:

Lab feeds, research diets, and nutritional research services, including specialized feed additives designed to enhance animal health.


   Adult Zebrafish Diet (Irradiate)
  Adult Xenopus Diet (Irradiate)


 Feeding program

   Zebrafish - from fry to adult

   Zebrafish - ZIRC Nursery



   Artemia Cysts

   pH Meter, DO Meter, Refractometer,





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